Sentinum Industries

2015 Winners


Info Sessions:

It is a true expedition, where each day we went out to different colleges to promote increased interest and knowledge of being an entrepreneur. Although being in a dense populated city, very few people take a leap of faith and dare to roll out their own business. And of course, the path is nevertheless filled with difficulties. This path will require your hard work. But for those who survive, the reward of entrepreneurship is priceless. We opened this challenge to the students, who felt they are ready to start their first business. And, we provided a step-by-step overview to make that happen, a spark in precise. We opened the registration to spot the emerging business leaders, a business venture literally.

Training Session:

We understand the greatest importance of delivering a framework for this program. We brought together the experts of business came from businesses of all shapes and size, to deliver a complete insight of the underlying theme. They delivered the inevitable keynote sessions with interesting activities followed, thereby visualizing the complete facets of the program. Every business starts with an idea. Our experts helped students to use their knowledge and passion to fill the gap in the marketplace. Their inevitable speech fed the students with the next steps of the process: to narrow down their ideas, funding the operation, creating a prototype, marketing, and presentation and team building.

The followings topics were held in the sessions:

Team Formation:

Framing a great idea, and building a team to bring that concept to life is the inception stage in creating a successful business venture. Finding a new and unique idea is probably a common thing. As a far cry, the ability to execute that idea successfully is what differentiates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. The age of the student doesn’t matter, as soon as they make the first hire, literally welcoming a new member to their team, they have to take their next step in becoming a powerful leader. When financing becomes the problem and when they require a startup funding, stress levels would become high, and the visions of instant success don’t happen like they perceived, emotions start eroding the dreams, and thereby the team. We hold their hands at that point. We spotted the new and unique idea which would blast the future market, and provide startup funding which would help them accomplish their vision and a thriving future.

We have split out the students to a different groups and they form a team themselves with the following names

Grand Finale:

Finally the day has come, the grand finale, where each tiny business venture bloomed from several colleges made their first step into our premise. In front of 100s of audience and honorable five key people in the panel, they had to present the complete information about the project. They started to present the future of their brand, one by one. Each team, literally each venture, with their full confidence, started performing in front of the panel. The key people at the panel shot the critical questions at them that requiring them to make quick decisions, without causing risks to the business, and assessed how they utilizing all feasible options before taking a rash decisions, typically how they reach the point they were aiming for. The two teams, which withstand all the rough and tough queries and certain about their vision, won the cash prize. An investment for the accomplishments of their company!