Gaugarin Oliver

Gaugarin Oliver is a native of Kanyakumari district and the Chief Executive Officer of CapeStart Inc., a U.S. headquartered company that was started in Nagercoil and grew from 4 employees in an apartment to 300 plus employees, within five years. Previously he was the founder of RedEgg which was later acquired by Thomson Reuters and subsequently by NASDAQ OMX. Gaugarin is also the President of TiE-Boston, the Boston chapter of a non-profit that fosters entrepreneurship globally.Gaugarin is a vision-driven executive with over 25 years of experience in a number of domains throughout his career. He has successfully taken three startup companies and two new business initiatives to market. His past experience includes top level management positions in the United States at Mobixell Networks, Cymfony Inc., Lojalis, UltiVerse Technologies Inc., and Voice Control System. Prior to being elected as President of TiE Boston, his role as Charter Member included mentoring, active participation in TiE activities such as Special Interest Groups (SIG) and TIE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) business plan competition, and organizing and moderating events.

Gaugarin is also an active volunteer of the North South Foundation and has a number of non-profit experiences as Board of Director - Unified Communications Consortium, Charter Member - TiE Boston, Executive Committee Member - Wireless Technology and Business Forum, and Vestry Member - Church of South India, New England.

Gaugarin received Executive Education in Business from Harvard Business School. He has a Masters in Industrial Engineering from University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Government College of Technology, India.

Madavi Oliver

Madavi Oliver is the creator and designer of Mayil Scarves, a clothing accessory venture that started out as a hobby and turned into a business with a social impact added value. An active member of the North South Foundation (NSF) for over 13 years, she volunteers for the MA chapters contests and is the India scholarships coordinator in the U.S. for NSF. Her passion for the environment led her to join the recently formed sustainability committee in Littleton, Massachusetts. She is also part of Plastic Bag Busters - a group formed to encourage people to say 'no' to plastic bags through the hundred bag challenge. Her career in the U.S. began with two Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering, followed by many years of Research at Harvard School of Public Health. It was during a year's sabbatical in 2009 that she discovered her fascination for fabric and her ancestry of silk weaving and decided to take a plunge into the enthralling world of colors and textures, waving goodbye to Engineering and laying the foundation for Mayil Scarves.

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