Our Story

Oliver G Foundation is a non-profit, charitable trust with a special emphasis on promoting education, entrepreneurship and economical growth in underdeveloped areas in India. Our founders Gaugarin and Madavi Oliver are passionate about the cause and are actively involved in global organizations focusing on education and entrepreneurship. It is their goal to channel their resources and expertise, muster local support and build an ecosystem that stimulates economical growth in under developed regions.

Our initial focus region is around Nagercoil, a town in the Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. Nagercoil has immense potential to grow into a strong economical center. There are about 1,00,000 students graduating each year from the hundreds of colleges within a 100 km radius of the town. Unfortunately, they all have to go to bigger cities to get good jobs. Gaugarin, cofounder of RedEgg InfoExpert (now part of NASDAQ OMX), has experience in hiring more than 500 employees at RedEgg. This has convinced him that the employee pool at Nagercoil is of high caliber. He believes that with a proper eco-system that offers the three pillars of an entrepreneurial community - networking, mentoring and funding - it is possible to create hundreds of companies in just a few years.

Oliver G Foundation's programs include scholarships for deserving students, a business plan competition for college students, and a new business accelerator program for entrepreneurs. With the right kind of information that is furnished through the right kind of mentoring, we strive to make Nagercoil's entrepreneurship dreams take shape into successful ventures.

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