Oliver G Foundation Opening ceremony

 July 3rd, 2014

Information and Brainstorming Session

Oliver G Foundation's activities began with an information and brainstorming session on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 5:00 pm at Hotel Vijayetha in Nagercoil. The session was attended by officials from multiple colleges in the region and industry executives from companies like NASDAQ OMX and CapeStart. Dr. G. J. Hamilton, Director at NASDAQ OMX hosted the introductory session, followed by a welcome address by Dr. S. Joseph Sekhar, Principal at St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering. Mr. Gaugarin Oliver then took up the session, introducing the Oliver G Foundation and its vision and mission to develop entrepreneurship in Nagercoil by hosting a business development program. Ending with an open discussion, the group decided to host the business development program for all the college level students in Nagercoil and the surrounding areas.