Young Entrepreneurs Challenge '16

The program will span about three months and will involve selecting interested students, training them on the aspects of starting a business, inspiring them to develop ideas, helping them formulate a detailed business plan, and coaching them on presenting the business plan to a panel of judges.

Training Session:

We understand the greatest importance of delivering a framework for this program. We brought together the experts of business came from businesses of all shapes and size, to deliver a complete insight of the underlying theme. They delivered the inevitable keynote sessions with interesting activities followed, thereby visualizing the complete facets of the program. Every business starts with an idea. Our experts helped students to use their knowledge and passion to fill the gap in the marketplace. Their inevitable speech fed the students with the next steps of the process: to narrow down their ideas, funding the operation, creating a prototype, marketing, and presentation and team building.

The followings topics were held in the sessions:

Info Session:

Our guest lecturers will give ideas and training on Entrepreneurship quality at the following colleges.